PAIG Japan Automobile Investment GK 様

新規出店プロジェクト/New store opening project

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プロジェクトの背景とミッション/Project background and mission

Porsche Holding GmbHの100%子会社 日本法人PAIG Japan Automobile Investment GKによる直営販売店舗の新規出店の全過程を積極的にサポート。

We actively supported the entire process from the initial stage till the opening of new directly managed stores by the Japanese corporation PAIG Automobile Investment GK, a company of the Porsche Holding GmbH in Salzburg.
We built and promoted the project with the CEO as well as the company’s employees, with active hands-on in terms of property and project planning, numerical analysis of business plans, LOIs, vendor selection, design & construction line, establishment of entity and lease contracts. 
In addition as a project member, we filled the gap between “real estate industry ⇔ overseas common sense”.

具体的アクション/Specific action

  • 自己投資やリースなど、効率的かつ長期的なアドバイザリー
  • 開発に関わる設計事務所やゼネコンとの関係管理や見積りの精査
  • プロジェクトの投資家候補を探し、投資家とのストラクチャーを作成
  • Efficient and long-term advisory including self-investment and leasing
  • Relationship management and quotation scrutiny with design offices and general contractors associated with development
  • Search for investor candidates for the project and create a structure with investors


Customer’s voice

PAIG Japan Automobile Investment GK

CEO : Ivaylo Pulev

PAIG is pleased to cooperate with PROFITZ due to high ability of the management and the team members in terms of:
– High level of trust and loyalty
– Structured and target orientated approach
– Innovative hands-on attitude
– Manage the complexity by keeping focus on the details
– Deep understanding of the luxury real estate market
– Understands the requirement of the foreign entities
– Project development skills
– Last but not least, working style with “human touch”.

PAIG could highly recommend PROFITZ as trustful and reliable partner!