Fund Business

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One-stop support from fund planning to composition.
We will provide investors with attractive investment opportunities by further utilizing the potential of real estate.And we will continue to provide returns to investors.

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We want to make more use of the potential of existing real estate, create new value by developing real estate, utilize structures as a means of raising funds, and grow into attractive investment products.
We are responsible for the fund from upstream to downstream; investment story, scenario / business plan, risk management, financing, composition, explanation to investors, and supervision of real estate management. Furthermore, we will add value by producing original content and provide total asset management up to exit.
We are creating schemes that have never existed in the world until now, and we are creating a system that can continue to return profits to all the stakeholders.

Our asset management

We provide asset management for different types of assets with a team of seasoned members.
Our unique asset management counts long-term risks.
We will provide investors with efficient returns by multiplying considering these risks.

Diggin deep + Strategic planning x Tenant management Diggin deep + Strategic planning x Tenant management

国内不動産、国内金融機関、国内・海外投資家でSPCを形成します 国内不動産、国内金融機関、国内・海外投資家でSPCを形成します

In addition, by adding Smart Center Office (SCO), which is provided as one of our asset management tools, we will provide further value-up, improve long-term satisfaction of users (tenants), and offer stable returns.

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Asset Type: Office building, Residence, Commercial building, Hotel