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PROFITZ asset management approach, creating high quality
investment opportunities for investors

By applying compatible innovations to a given location, we create valuable real estate that
surpasses the expected rental income and yield. At PROFITZ, we assess the current trends
and create unique new funds that generate high demand. We commit to asset building that
exceeds the expectations of investors.

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PROFITZ initiatives

Original development projects and brands, created to assess the needs of the times and increase real estate value.

Nursery school Mirai fund
Real estate investment resolves the issue of wait-listed children.
We aim to resolve the social issue of wait-listed children in urban areas by attracting high-quality daycare management companies to provide long-term, stable childcare facilities. By establishing an investment scheme for nurseries, we can solve the long-standing problem of waitlisted children and contribute to improving social challenges.
Number of children
Japan New Lifestyle Fund
New pet-symbiotic lifestyle residence.
FLUFFY is a pet-symbiotic residence that combines urban living with high design, enriching the lives of both pets and their owners. In addition to providing all units with pet-friendly flooring, ion deodorizing facilities and other amenities, FLUFFY collaborates with pet insurance companies to offer services such as health consultations and referrals to veterinary clinics, thereby maximizing the asset value by providing a comprehensive support system for pet owners and their pets.
New concept office to support growing companies.
EFFICE designs and provides offices pre-equipped with functionalities and environments optimized for modern office needs, such as collaboration, telework, and web conferencing. These offices do not require restoration or renovation and can be rented immediately, minimizing typical tenant burdens and creating a situation where occupancy is easily reached and asset value increases.
Cap Rate
Target IRR
A shared office where you can focus more than at home yet feel as relaxed as being at home.
BLOCKS is a shared office space designed for small businesses. It maximizes consumer needs while keeping the rent low by eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional shared offices and retaining shared spaces that are lacking in rental offices. Additionally, by establishing a dedicated management company to handle all operations, stability is enhanced and asset value is maximized.
Target NOI%
OVER 5.0%
OVER 100


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