Private Asset Management

for HNWIs / Family Office

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PROFITZ attempts to achieve more than financial goals of our clients, including delivering emotional goals, creating synergies with their businesses, and enhancing social branding of clients.

Our world has been changing, more rapidly these days, and we anticipate that the pace will accelerate, given the further progress of technology. PROFITZ believes that we can strategize real estate investments/management in more dynamic ways that properties on our clients’ balance sheet can support not only their P/L via reduced spending and increased revenue but our clients’ main business.
This is done through highest & best use of properties and synergies between main businesses and real estate solutions.

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  1. PROFITZ provides substantial professional real estate services from a long-term perspective.

    We prioritize clients’ long-term real estate strategy over our short-term profits from fee revenue. “Are you comfortable with solutions/proposals from your agent? Decisions you have made might be affecting your future businesses in the next few year’s time or even the next decade.” “Would you really need those properties, which can be your liabilities, instead of assets?”

  2. Ability to connect clients with right person/right partner

    PROFITZ sometimes works with experts in the industry we trust and attempts to increase probabilities of successful investment outcomes and customer satisfaction.

  3. Deep understanding of wide range of real estate/real estate investments.

    No real estate is the same as another. Would you like to create synergies between your properties and other types of real estate, such as office, retail, residential, hotel, and logistics facility?

  4. Commitment

    Committed to making proposals tailored to clients’ needs/requests with strong commitment and with transparent reporting. We are glad to make co-investments alongside clients where applicable.