Our Business

Real estate management that contributes to asset building. 

In Japanese, asset management, is known as shisan unyō. Among various forms of asset management, PROFITZ specializes in real estate asset management. Real estate investment is considered a medium-risk, medium-return endeavor. However, by carefully assessing each situation and employing various strategies and insights, it is possible to garner higher returns and contribute to one's core business from a different perspective. Real estate asset management has the potential to benefit anyone considering asset formation. This is our belief at PROFITZ. 

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Business development investment

Actively invest own capital in other industries and companies. The synergy created further improves the performance of our 3 services.

In addition to investments, we establish jointly-owned operating companies to implement Value-Add strategies for properties, including operations and leasing.

What we can do

  • Business planning

    Business creation stage

  • Property acquisition & sales

    Collaborate with real estate agencies and find properties that meet your needs

  • Gatekeeper

    Protect clients from deception

  • Negotiation

    Negotiation representation as supportive personnel of the client

  • Internal education

    Work as a team to improve real estate expertise with the goal of being real estate experts in the future

  • Valuation

    Analyze and quantify the value of real estate

  • Investment analysis

    Conduct analysis to assess investment viability by considering market conditions, macroeconomic factors, future forecasts and return analysis

  • Fund establishment

    Create a framework that takes into account the fund’s investment story (significance of investment), investment analysis, business scale and targeting

  • Structuring

    Develop the structure considering licensing requirements, costs, rights relationships and tax implications

  • Investor relations

    Explanation to investors + actions that bring them to actual investments

  • Finance

    Loan arrangement (including long-term perspectives and considering contract conditions in terms of returns)

  • Value-Add

    Optimal utilization of purchased real estate

  • Overseas⇔Japan

    Cross-border transactions between domestic and international markets

  • Development (construction)

    Provide advisory services as a project manager during real estate construction and development


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