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Achieve Win-win solution for buyers, sellers and all the stakeholders through real estate value creation

Real estate industry tends to structure the different roles and operation vertically.
Each role has a fixed structure as sellers, buyers, borrowers, brokers and managers.
Although this fixed structure is in placed for a long time, it is structured such a way that each role is confined only within its business area of operation and knowledge which makes it difficult to achieve “client first” situation.
It tends to prioritize interim rewards and undermine necessary “Increase utilization and value of real estate in a long-term perspective”, as a result, making it more difficult for the real estate to become attractive and unique.
With our knowledge, Profitz produce “contents” to utilize real estate effectively and increase satisfaction and profits for all stakeholders including sellers, buyers and users. With these new ideas will, as a result, contributes to increase real estate values.

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For professional investors

We offer one-stop services including fund structuring, risk management, fund management and disposition.

For general corporate (non-real estate companies)

We offer client services for sale of the property, management and building client’s real estate portfolio by maximizing a synergy of its core and/or future business and asset strategy together with real estate.

We put importance on the 2 businesses mentioned above and offer unconventional services.

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Fund Business

One-stop support from fund planning to composition.
We will provide investors with attractive investment opportunities by further utilizing the potential of real estate.And we will continue to provide returns to investors.

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Client Service Business

We propose a balance sheet that captures management of real estate as one of your key businesses. And we accompany you like a private banker.
In addition, we will continue to support you as a Strong Guardian even if you don’t have time to spend to acquire a huge amount of real estate information and expertise.

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Sales Brokerage Business

We support the buying and selling of properties that meet your needs based on a strong network both in Japan and overseas.
In addition, we will provide services by adding real estate valuation forecasts, analysis, financing advisories, as added value as necessary. We also offer trading sales advisory services for utilizing our unique nursery asset, and Smart Center Office(SCO).