Fulfilling hope

The environment surrounding real estate is full of
variances. We discern the environment, analyze the times
and determine one answer among numerous choices. We
take initiative, listen, anticipate changes, and persistently
maximize possibilities until we reach the answer. We
present every possibility, including risks, from a different
perspective. We present proposals that are unique within
the industry. PROFITZ devotes itself until expectations are

Michael Leitch × PROFITZ



Make investing accessible and
create future cycles through
the power of investment. 

Through investments, we create the future by creating a positive cycle for people and
society. Of course we will generate profits (returns) from real estate and fund
investments, but considering those who use real estate, we will develop new ideas,
take action and create value. We will transform the power of investment into the power of the future.


Eliminate information disparity to
create win-win for all.

In the real estate industry, information disparities exist at various levels, which can
lead to disadvantages. As real estate professionals, we provide each client with the
critical knowledge and experience to find the path that satisfies all parties.  We believe
this is the best way for real estate to create sustainable value. 


We relentlessly pursue the optimal solution with flexible thinking and a
calm perspective. 

Real estate investment is considered a medium-risk, medium-return endeavor.
However, by carefully assessing each situation and employing various strategies and
insights, it is possible to garner higher returns and contribute to one's core business
from a different perspective.  Real estate asset management has the potential to
benefit anyone considering asset formation. This is our belief at PROFITZ. 


Please feel free to contact us with
any real estateinvestment and asset
management inquiries.