About us

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Rapid growth of technology accelerates the speed of the change in business by quadrupling efficiency.

The way to live, work and utilize real estate will be changed under the current environment of the industry.
We foresee the era of “investing the property (treating it as just an asset)” will change to “enhance user experience by creating a unique character for each property”
We are certain that this change is an opportunity and the time will come when doing real estate business that has never existed will lead to long term investor interest.

Foreseeing the future, we offer innovative values by producing +αknowledge with our expertise and experience without being bound by stereotype and will “appreciate traditional wisdom and values while applying new knowledge”.

We promise to our clients that we will offer our highest service standards providing our knowledge, experience, awareness and relationship and working as one-team for every project.

Mission / Vision / Strategy


Build +αvalue and offer profits for clients fans.

Mission=We define Mission as things we need to do and offer.
Our results consistently offer satisfying returns for our investors of our fund and real estate.
Unless we achieve this, it will hinder the growth of the real estate industry in the medium to long term.
We prioritize our clients’ profits as foremost importance by providing ideas and professional advise to gain trust.
Our mission is to “continuously offer” profits for the longer term.


A company to break out of the paradigm and reduce gaps in the real estate industry.

You can find information displacement (“gap”) in the various layers of the real estate industry. This gap sometimes causes profit for one and disadvantage for others.
For example, due to the gap between real estate professionals and others, the non- professional people may force to face disadvantageous negotiation if they do not know the market or lack of knowledge and experience (not knowing the industry “norm”).
Although the volume of the real estate investment in Japan by overseas investors has been increasing year on year, we still believe the availability of information is insufficient and not easily accessible.
Profitz’s professional team possess abundance experience in Japan real estate transaction and offer up to date market data and various information necessary for transaction with overseas investors.
It is similar in real estate owners and tenants relationship.
Sometimes communication gap is caused by difference in view from various stand points.
We have a fair vision and try our ingenuity to offer mutual benefits to both owners and tenants.
We offer valuable knowledge and experience as real estate professionals for our clients and reduce the disadvantages that are caused due to lack of information so that we do not face any undesirous situation.
We are sure that we can create sustainable value in real estate and not just pursue short term profit regardless of where you stand.
We would endeavor to create such an industry.


We create value from contents and manage real estate as essential business.

We think that managing real estate is like building a foundation of business and is similar to managing a company.
It is necessary to think and envisage long term business plan by deciding how to win the game in the appropriate market, managing profitability, building up balance sheet effectively when creating business. We have to win by seizing the needs and grasping the changes as competition increases.
Today informatization is accelerating and market is constantly growing and changing in a rapid pace but real estate value will not be increased without taking any actions.
The value and profit gain will iincrease when we grasp market needs and create contents for people who appreciate its attractiveness.
We take advantage of our knowledge in investment, management, finance, IT and experience to the fullest extent and manage real estate most effectively.